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How to get to Bardarsky geran?

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How to get to Bardarsky geran?
There are two options [unless you have a private plane]: By bus or by car.
You may catch a bus from Sofia to Bardarsky geran. For more information please see Public transport.
If you travel by car you should be aware that there is only one road that links Bardarsky geran to Byala Slatina and the rest of the world and that is the only asphalt road.
To make things easier, please fill out the form above and the application would advise the best route to Byala Slatina and then to Bardarsky geran. The only requirement for best searching results is to insert in the tab the name and the number of the street and the name of the town/city you are located and put commas after each word [for instance: 3 March Street, Pleven or 45 Leben Strasse, Hamburg].
Another option is just to enter a name of a town/city and then simply click “Calculate Route”. Then a new window would pop up and would provide detailed instructions about the coordinates.
If you use a GPS device you could insert the following coordinates: N: 43.546744 E: 23.953278

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