Anthem of Bardarski geran

The anthem of Bardarski geran was written by Spartak Butanski born on 31st January, 1920 in the town of Knezha where he debuted at the age of 11. His first solo harmonica concert was held in the auditorium of the local school. As a student he used to play harmonica at Radio Sofia. He graduated from the Musical Academy in 1944 where he had been tutored by some of the most famous Bulgarian composers and educators. He worked at the Ministry of Culture as an advisor for a short period of time but then he decided to go back to his hometown where he has been living for 75 years already and still develops his creative work, cultural and civil activities. Spartak Butanski is the author of the anthem of Knezha, a patron of the local school of arts and the founder of the festival “Golden Corn”. Because of his merits, he is pronounced an honorary citizen of the town of Knezha. In his career he has created 3664 works comprising songs, cantatas, operettas and issued 32 printed collections of songs. He has been given 80 awards including the three degrees of the “Cyril and Methodius” order. He could play all the instruments except flute and clarinet.

Spartak Butanski

One of the main reasons for Spartak’s visits to Bardarski geran was his friendship with the chairman of the culture club of that time – Petar Velchev. However, it is said that the ground of his inspiration to write our anthem was the fascination of a Banat Bulgarian girl he met in Bardarski geran.
The anthem of Bardarski geran is the most popular song performed at every single concert we organise or take part in. We are really proud to be among the few places that have its own song representing the emblematic features of our lifestyle, culture and traditions.



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