"God helps those who help themselves"

God helps those who help themselves

This is the name of the campaign initiated by the inhabitants of Bardarski geran who put their hearts into reviving the small Banat Bulgarian village and its traditions. A special donation fund was opened in regards to the 125th Anniversary of Bardarski geran and it is under the umbrella of the Executive Committee taking care of the event organization. 

If you want to give us a hand as well, all you need is your good will to join us!

The campaign started officially with a donation from Austria. Toma Glasnov shared his idea and will to repair the mechanism of the clock tower. He donated enough resources not only for the current repairs, but also for the maintenance for a year ahead

Toma Glasnov – EUR 800

At one of the monthly meetings in Bardarski geran Petya Boboycheva announced that her relatives Mariyana and Aleksander Ivanovi from Svishtov would donate building materials in spring 2012 so that the tower façade would be completely renovated.

Another follower is Nora Yaneva who donated handmade accessories – very beautiful flower brooches. They were sold out in the end of December, 2011. The resources would be spent on renovation of the children playground located in the centre of our village.

Nora Yaneva – BGN 120 

Katerina Karadzhova from Dublin also donated EUR 200 and expressed her will to contribute to the development of her birthplace in future.

Another example for get-up-and-go and readiness to help is the idea of Daniela Petkova. She took in hand the printing of T-Shirts promoting the upcoming event of the 125th Anniversary.  A T-shirt itself costs BGN 5, but it is sold at the price of BGN 6 and BGN 1 of each purchased T-shirt is donated to the fund. Please feel free to visit Daniela’s small store in the centre of Bardarski geran and get a T-shirt. Take part in our folklore Festival in May, 2012!

“God helps those who help themselves!”

The inhabitants of Bardarski geran made this first step to recognizing our community as a power which could make miracles.

After the elections in 2015 and the substitution of Svetlana Karadzova, the the Executive Committee was released and the bank account was closed.

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