“Fasching” in German = carnival [usually held in January and/or February]
The initiative for the festival is on the Culture Club “Saedinenie – 1923” and the main purpose is to gather yearly everyone willing to become a part of the enchantment of the carnival. The Banat Bulgarians celebrate Farshangi three days from the last Sunday before Lent until Ash Wednesday. Within the Orthodoxy this period is called Shrovetide.

Among the Catholics worldwide the transition from ordinary liturgical time to the Lent is celebrated by carnival processions and common joy! It is like a several-day-well-controlled chaos all over the streets and squares, falling under the spell of colourful costumes and pieces of banters, where each participant has their own character and role.

On Ash Wednesday the priest spreads ashes over the heads of the faithful saying “memento, homo, quia pulvis es et in pulvere reverteris” thus putting an end to the scene of fairy and encouraging all human souls to get ready for the Lent and give a hearty welcome to Easter..

The Farshangi festival managed to preserve all of the best traditions of this celebration and gives an opportunity to anyone to take part in accordance with their creativeness and willingness. Except for the participants from Bardarsky gheran we usually welcome enthusiastic groups from Gostilya, Asenovo and Tranchovitsa together with the multitudinous friends of Bardarsky gheran who would be happy to share their costumes and joyful mood with us and contribute to the successful development of the festival.


The festival logo was created by Petia Moyzis-Boboycheva from Bardarsky gheran.

If you have a better idea, however, you may send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we could work out a logo that would best suit :) . If you would like to participate in the festival, please email the address above your name, age and the place you come from or send the information to our mailing address:
“Saedinenie – 1923”
46 Dimitar Blagoev Street,
Bardarski geran,
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Ralitsa Velcheva

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